Overview of Business Operations


To become the leader in comprehensive software solutions development and service provider for the tourism industry by creating business innovations to deliver the highest benefit to related parties and enhancing the export value of Thailand tourism IT software solutions, under the principles of good corporate governance.


– To develop and enhance comprehensive software solutions products and services in the tourism industry.

– To expand business opportunities by creating a network of business partners with software service providers related to the field of tourism both domestically and internationally.

– To strengthen relationships with clients into business relationships to truly serve customer needs.

Business Goals and Strategies

The Company aims to continuously expand its customer base both domestically and internationally to retain its leadership status in the comprehensive development and provision of service in the tourism industry, placing particular focus on the development and/or ownership of an efficient software able to continuously serve the needs of clients.

The Company has set key 3-year strategies to expand its customer and revenue base, with details as follows.

– To develop a system within the System Development Division to continuously support the use of Comanche Hotel Software.

– To joint-invest and develop with the Company’s subsidiaries, who are specialists in enterprise management systems to various organizations within the tourism industry, to create IT innovations widely beneficial to Thailand’s tourism industry and able to add on to tourism industries overseas.

– To undertake studies for joint-investment with other companies who are developers and owners of key software systems in the tourism industry that the Company expect could be integrated with the Company’s existing system, to add value to the Company’s software, with key systems being restaurant management system, spa management system, golf course and membership management system, car rental management system, air-ticket reservation management system, and tourism events reservation systems for B2B and B2C.

Comanche International Public Company Limited (“COMAN”)

Operating the business of developing, distributing, installing, and providing business solutions software for hotel and serviced apartment, and registered a copyright of “Comanche Hotel Software” and investing in other companies.

Coman Crypto Company Limited (“Coman Crypto”)

Operating the business of developing, distributing, installing, and providing computer program and equipment. Focusing on the solutions software for restaurant, spa, and retail store, and registered a copyright of “pRoMiSe Restaurant Software” with the Department of Intellectual Property.

Win Star Tech Company Limited (“WST”)

Operating the business of developing, distributing, installing, and providing computer program. Focusing on the solutions software for golf course and registered a copyright of an intellectual property. Also, received the standard of program development, ISO29110.

Roomz International Company Limited (“ROOMZ”)

Operating the business of providing consulting services regarding revenue management and development for hotels, analyze and manage hotel revenue development by experts, making it possible to plan sales of rooms appropriately which meets the needs of customers at the right time with a good price through appropriate channels.